Welcome to Westminster Presbyterian Church. We are a PCUSA Presbyterian Church located in Westminster South Carolina. We are a smaller church but, we have a mighty spirit. Our Church congregation is diverse in age ranging from infants to seniors and almost every age in between. We invite you to visit our Church and see all the great things happening at Westminster Presbyterian Church.


100 West Abby Street
204 N. Isundega St.
South Carolina









Driving Directions from Greenville or Atlanta

From I-85 take exit 11, Hwy 24, towards Westminster (85 South will turn Right, 85 North will turn Left).  It is approximately 20 miles to Westminster.  At the intersection of Hwy 24 and Hwy 123/76 turn left onto Hwy 123/76.  Drive approximately 0.5 miles and turn Right onto Quick Street, go through the one lane underpass.  At stop sign turn left onto E. North Avenue.  Travel approximately 0.3 miles and turn right onto Earl Halcombe Dr.  Go through 4 way stop and church drive will be the next left. 




Scriptures and Sermons Coming Up

August 3: “Where is God?” Job 3:20-26 and James  5:7-11
August 10: “What About Your Friends?” Job 4:1-11 and John 9:1-12
August 17: “God’s Redemption!” Jeremiah 18:1-6 and 2 Corinthians 5:16-22
August 24: “Who Understands God?” Job 9:1-13
August 31: “God Understands God” Job 38:1-11


From the Pastor

We have spent some of our worship services this summer immersed in the book of Job.  Job is a story of a man who has it all, and ultimately loses it all in a cosmic war between God and Satan.  The book of Job forces us to face the fact that there is no answer to why good things happen to bad people.  But we have a hard time with this.  We want answers.  We mask that desire in phrases like, “It was God’s timing” or “God needed my loved one in heaven more than I needed him on earth.”  But really, we are trying to give answer to the age old question that has never been answered.

Rather than try to find an answer, I’d like to challenge you to reflect on why you need an answer to this question.  Would it bring you comfort? Quite possibly, it wouldn’t.  At the end of Job, God doesn’t tell Job that he was a pawn in a game of celestial chess.  Rather, he challenges Job’s curiosity by asking if he was there when the stars were placed in the heavens and the earth was created.  Obviously, the answer is no.  Job probably wouldn’t want to know the answer to why all of these bad things happened to him, a righteous and good person. 

So ask yourself if you really want to know the answer to that, and if you do, why? We do gain some answers from Scripture.  Jesus tells us not to worry.  James tells us to be patient and endure.  Paul tells the churches he writes to hold fast to what is true and good. But no one offers us an answer to the question why.  Maybe there’s a reason for that.

On a more personal note,  Ash and Rev. Audrey would like to thank all of you for your kind welcome home! We are thrilled that Ash is home, and we look forward to being able to spend time with all of you over the next year.  We thank you for the cards, the phone calls, and the well wishes.  We are truly blessed to be a part of such a special congregation. 


Rev. Audrey

Important News to Share


"Rev. Audrey welcomes home her husband, SSG Ashley Reese, after a year long deployment. Welcome home, Ash! Westminster Presbyterian is so happy to have you home again!"





camp buc

CAMP BUC – MAKING MEMORIES FOR A LIFETIME The wilderness comes alive at Camp Buc as youngsters swim, hike, canoe, fish, garden, cook, sing, play and worship. The program leaders and young adult counselors weave Christian faith and practices into each day. Children work and play collaboratively with respect, teamwork and responsibility. With each activity, children are given room to be young in the face of God’s creation, to have a safe place to be themselves, to appreciate beauty and to live in the awe and wonder of childhood. Counselors live with the children and share the love of Christ in their fun-loving guidance. While having relaxed summer fun with friends, children grow in their understanding of stewardship, compassion and community. Camp Buc is definitely the place to make memories for a lifetime. Give your child the opportunity to grow and learn this summer.

Register them for a week at Camp Buc today. Contact LeAnne White at 864-288-5774, Monday –Thursday 9-2 or lwhite@foothillspresbytery.org. To check out the fun of summer camp, and for more info visit www.campbuc.org and watch the Camp Buc Video on the home page.


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